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Biodiversity and Tourism Strategy to protect cetaceans

Project Summary

BioTourS aims at introducing best practices in sustainable cross-border tourism, tackling new challenges in environmental and marine safeguard as well as preserving the natural heritage of the Adriatic-Ionian area. The main goal is to involve youngsters in cross-border touristic activities, so as to raise awareness on cetacean conservation. By combining high technological tools with standardized survey techniques and direct involvement of youth in Citizen Science activities, BioTourS will improve knowledge on cetaceans which is currently heterogeneous and defective in the programme area. The main output is the creation of a Citizen Science tourism model, for expanding science knowledge on dolphin conservation and tourism management.


Total budget 722.500,00 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 01.09.2020 - 28.02.2022

Main Outputs

-    Citizen Science Tourism Model

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Jonian Dolphin Conservation (IT) Contacts: Carmelo Fanizza - carmelo[at]
Project Partners
  1. Agjencia Kombëtare e Turizmit (AL)
  2. Comune di Termoli (IT)
  3. Inovaciono preduzetnički centar Tehnopolis (ME)
Associated Partners
  1. Cooperativa Dalla Luna Onlus (IT)
  2. Univerzitet Crne Gore – Institut za biologiju mora (ME)